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Welcome to Frigg Birth & Wellness. Frigg was started, by Jazmin Hieronymus (formerly Jazmin Price), with the goal of providing family-centered care to low-risk families looking for holistic evidence-based care .


Frigg families are unique and individual,  never numbers. I take my time to educate, empower and care for the families. I delight in tailoring my care, and building relationships with my families.

Frigg Birth & Wellness is centered around families and families are the center of Frigg Birth & Wellness!

Attending families in the Gallatin, Park, Madison and surrounding counties


"Home Birth is Where the Heart is"



Jazmin R. Hieronymus​

I see pregnancy, birth, and the growth of a family, as one of the

most beautiful things about humanity. As a well-renowned

Midwife, I am privileged to help families begin and continue their

new  journeys.

I have 13 years of experience working with hundreds of families

and have been honored to help almost 400 babies come



I started my midwifery journey when I was searching for

compassionate evidence-based care. I discovered a void. During this time I came to believe a person is either part of the problem or part of the solution. Over the next 8 years I became a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and started a practice focusing on compassionate care in rural low-resource areas of the South. I helped write and work towards the legalization and licensure of CPM/DEM midwives in Alabama. 


In 2015, I moved my family to the beautiful state of Montana. I spent 4 years providing birth center and home birth options to the families of Gallatin and Park County. I am also the Vice Chair of the Montana Board of Alternative Healthcare to help regulate midwifery practices in Montana.


After 4 years of beautiful birth center work, I have decided I need  to return to my specialty and passion; family-centered care.

In my personal life I have 7 wild children and an amazingly patient husband; my Motley Crew. I spend my free time focused on my family and making memories, enjoying family dinners, and playing games. .

Mother and baby in autumn




The studies show that 90% of births won’t need medical intervention. As mammals we do pregnancy, labor and birth well. Women’s bodies are designed to have babies. But unlike most mammals, humans procreate for more than continuing the species. Pregnancy, labor, birth and parenting are extremely transformative. Families start the journey in one role and will be completely transformed by the experience. 


My training, skills and experience are centered around risk assessment and management. I also guard and protect the space allowing a woman to experience complete primitive vulnerability to birth her baby.



I have always believed that ALL low-risk families wanting a midwife and out-of-hospital options should have access regardless of the family’s financial resources and status. 


In the past, I have run mobile clinics focused on providing compassionate, kind well-woman care including: PAPs, pelvic exams, STI screening, lab work and nutritional counseling. Midwifery care should not be a benefit of affluence but a right of humanity. I am working diligently to make midwifery reachable. Several payment options are offered to include extended/prolonged, alternative plans, and bartering.

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The  Team

Without an amazing team supporting Frigg we could not provide amazing support to our families!


"my birthing experiences with Jazmin emboldened me to “surrender”to what I could not control, “sink in” to that which is raw and necessary"

Jazmin has worked tirelessly to help many women have a beautiful birth experience and I count myself blessed to be one of them.

"I reveled in a solid partnership with a professional midwife who believes in the strength of mommas and babies in nurturing and beautiful ways."

During labor her exceptional midwifery skills were obvious to not only me, but to my husband as well.

From the first appointments to labor & delivery Jazmin provided excellent care.


This is excellent, holistic care that I would 100% recommend to other women & their partners.